Research & Development

CG Foods India Pvt Ltd has a technical collaboration with CG Foods NepalPvt Ltd. Many businesses never take into account the needs and feedbacks of consumer in the marketplace. R & D at CG Foods works in designing and execution of consumer driven product development, testing and strategies.

Major activities done by R & D

  • Development of new seasoning mixes and processing technology for production of finished food product.
  • Take up R & D of all products with a view to increase the shelf life and better consumer acceptability and improvement of quality.
  • Development of value added products of commercial importance.
  • Standardization of various factors such as bacteriological standards, preservation standard, additives, etc.
  • Fortification of foods and beverages for enhancing its nutritional level.
  • Development of new product and prototype development.
  • Conducting plant trials and large scale taste marketing/ surveys.
  • Existing product review and improvement.

Design and Development

  • Consumer needs identification.
  • Product design input.
  • Raw material selection.
  • Product development.
  • Taste evaluation.
  • Product design output.
  • Final product.
  • Approval.

Product Development Flow Sheet

  • Understanding the Existing Business.
  • Define Business Strategy/ Market Strategy.
  • Identify Target Market.
  • Idea Generation.
  • Idea Screening.
    • Market.
    • Technical.
    • Economic.
  • Concept Development Screening.
  • Product Development.
  • Pre-Commercialization.
  • Product Test Market.
  • Product Introduction.
  • Commercialization.