CGFI experienced the distinction of becoming the leader in the East and North East part of India in the Noodles and Snack foods with a market share of over 60% merely 5 years back and which now is expanding rapidly towards the rest of the country with two other factories in Uttaranchal and North East. The group owns WAI-WAI and KWIK Brands in fast food. Its first Manufacturing Unit in Sikkim commenced production from April 2006. The group started its second Manufacturing Unit, the Rudrapur Plant in Uttaranchal that commenced production form June 2008. Third Factory situated at Guwahati, North East commenced its production from 2010. The products, manufactured here, are exported to over 25 countries. The range of products include noodles, snacks, fabricated potato chips, water and beer under its own brands for manufacturing and exported to all over the world.