Health & Nutrition

Our products are energized & enriched with Protein, Calcium, Vitamins, Iron and Dietary Fibers which are good for human body.

PROTEIN: Helps in muscle growth and hence is beneficial for growing kids. With 20% extra protein, one packet of Wai Wai Noodles is equivalent to one glass of Milk.

CALCIUM: Provides your child the building blocks of healthy bones and teeth especially during the growing years.

VITAMIN A: Helps keep your child’s immune system healthy and helps maintain good eyesight.

VITAMIN B1 & B2: Helps build energy, aids body growth and keeps heart and muscles in good shape.

IRON: Helps brain development and in transport of oxygen to your child’s brain. Also protects your child against anemia.

PHOSPHORUS: Helps in bone and teeth formation as well as metabolic actions in the body, including kidney function & cell growth.


With its humble beginning some 3 to 4 years ago, Cinnovation Overseas Export Division, from coverage to a few countries in the Middle East, has come a long way in the present day and context.